June 20, 2024
Cash buyers are famous for selling the home

When consulting real estate ads, it often happens that you come across the wording “furnished apartment” or “already furnished house”. Since it is difficult to find other details on the type of furniture present, the question arises ” What is meant by the sale of a furnished house ?” or “What is the  minimum furniture needed  to define a house for sale furnished?”

In reality, there are no particular obligations in the reference legislation that clearly and unequivocally indicate all the essential elements for an apartment to be defined as furnished, therefore common sense and practice prevail in these cases https://www.revivalhomebuyer.com/

In general, however,  a furnished house should contain all the elements necessary for the new owner to start living in it right away . Let’s see together what they are and how they affect the price of the property.

Furnished apartment for sale: essential items and accessories

As mentioned above, although there are no particular obligations to define a  furnished apartment  (partially or totally), common sense and custom dictate that the term “furnished house” includes all the  furniture necessary to make the home immediately livable .

For example, they are  indispensable furnishing accessories : the kitchen with basic appliances (oven, hob, fridge), table, chairs, beds and wardrobes. However, there is a certain arbitrariness on other types of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, televisions and on  non-essential furniture  such as: sofas, mattresses, cushions, bathroom furniture, bookcases, shoe racks, etc… which are often considered as “personal effects”. of the seller.

In general there is a profound difference, which naturally affects the final price of the property, between selling an  apartment furnished  with the minimum necessary furniture or equipping the house with all the elements that make it a pleasant place to live right away.

In fact, some owners decide to sell the house after having completely furnished it, for example by hanging pictures on the walls, putting up the curtains, including movable property such as a television, microwave oven and vacuum cleaner in the price of the house. In these cases we no longer simply speak of a furnished house but of  an equipped apartment. In any case, what really matters in the case of the  sale of an already furnished apartment  is that the two parties reach an agreement, formally signed in the deed of sale or in the compromise.