June 20, 2024

Business administration is the broad term that captures the concepts, theories and practices used in the processes of the business. As an academic field, business management requires the interdisciplinary study of business management requires the interdisciplinary study of business management, commerce, business, economic, finance and information systems. In practical knowledge, business administration includes several acts of leadership, design and strategy that help employees and departments work together to efficiently accomplish organizational goals.

The term “enterprise “also refers to the organized efforts and actions of people to create and deliver goods and services for income. Business range at scale from the sole proprietorship to the international firms. Some lines of concept are employed with understanding business management including organizational behavior, structure concept , and strategic management .

Classification of business

The classification of business is divided into mass purposes and definition and according to work and economy; the business administration is divided into three major terms: agricultural, industrial and services sectors.


Agricultural sector

The agricultural sector provides many job opportunities as a huge work force is needed for the smooth operation of different farming activities. it does not just go to the large field of immediate business opportunities but indirect , too . For example, agricultural products need to be shipped from one area to another and thus it supports the transportation aspect . While the agricultural sector is of great value to this nation, we cannot deny the concept that it is a dangerous business. Farmers across the world have a higher probability of business related injuries. One of the most common reasons for rural injuries is truck rollovers and other motor and machine similar accidents. Because of the nature of their work they are also prone to surface diseases, lung infections, noise induced hearing issues, light strokes , as well as specific cases of cancers. Those exposed to pesticides may get severe illness and might still get children with birth defects.

Service sector

Services sector is a broad term used to describe any type of organization which provides services or goods for people and business. It includes all sectors of the economy that provide services or goods to people and business , including those that provide them to other organizations .

The tertiary sector is the part of the system that requires companies rather than commodities. This tertiary sector rises with industry and gets to dominate post – industrial societies or nations where most people are no longer used in business. Whereas industry in industrialized societies centers on factories and machine generating material goods. Post – industrial is using computers and other electronic devices that make knowledge, storage and apply information with post- industrialization, the country ‘s occupational system changes significantly .